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Speedy Nikola 28mm 3-Sided Bay Window Curtain Pole 420cm - Polished Graphite

Speedy Nikola 28mm 3-Sided Bay Window Curtain Pole 420cm - Polished Graphite

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The Speedy Nikola 3-Sided Bay Pole is a versatile, strong set with a traditional ball finial.
It's versatility makes it possible to have either a pair of curtains, multiple curtains or even a single curtain to be drawn without obstructions.
The total length of the poles included is 420cm, and the poles can be cut down to a smaller size to fit smaller bays.
All 7 brackets included in the set are passing brackets, this system allows the curtain to be drawn all around the bay without any obstructions.
This is also due to the set including passing rings ("C" shaped), and the 2 standard rings ("O" shaped) in the set are there to keep the curtains in place at both ends.
All of the rings in the set are lined to provide a quieter and smoother glide over the pole.
The double jointed corners allow for a smoother turn compared to a single corner joint, and they feature 2 hinges with a small piece of pole connecting them together.
This corner feature allows the bay pole to accommodate straight to 90 degree angles.
* Can be cut down to size
* Lined rings for smoother, quieter gliding
* Ball shaped finials 
* Wall fixable
* 420cm maximum pole length
* Complete Pole Set - Includes pole, brackets, rings, finials and fixings
* Available in a 28mm diameter  

1 x Internal pole joiner
42 x Passing ("C" shaped rings, to allow the rings to pass over the brackets)
2 x Standard ("O" shaped rings)
1 x Pair of ball finials
7 x Adjustable passing brackets (can extend the projection of the pole from 110mm to 125mm)
2 x Adjustable double jointed corner pieces
2 x 120cm poles
2 x 90cm poles
Available Separate Accessories

Passing Bracket (Single) -  Allows the passing rings to flow without blocking
Passing Rings (Pack of 8) - Nylon lined for a smoother and quieter glide
Holdbacks (Pair) - Features a ball end to match the pole finials
Return Kit - Allows the pole set to extend out of the bay, reverse bend and run along the inside wall.
Return Kit includes: 2 x 90cm poles, 2 x Passing Brackets, 20 x Passing Rings, 2 x Double corner joints

Brand Speedy
Model Nikola Bay
Material Metal
Colours Polished Graphite
Pole Diameter 28mm
Curtain Weight Light to Heavy
Fixing Wall Fix
Can it be cut down? Yes
Bracket Projection
110mm extends to 125mm
(Wall to centre of pole)
Finial Height 65mm
Finial Length 90mm
  • Range:
  • Colour:
    Polished Graphite
  • Pole Diameter:
  • Pole Length:
  • Curtain Weight:
    Light to Heavy
  • Brand:
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